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Re: FE Package Status of May 06, 2006

On Sat, 2006-05-06 at 13:15 +1200, Michael J Knox wrote:

> Owners file stats:
>   - 1689 packages
>   - 51 orphans
>   - 44 packages not available in extras devel or release

>      mpeters at mac dot com                     PyX

I'm a little confused -


lists the build as complete, but needs to be signed.


lists it as built and released.

But it isn't in


My local yum mirror also doesn't have it - but it only updates once a

Was the post from buildsys that it had been "built and released"
misleading on the "released" part, and it still needs to be signed and
actually released - or did some packages get eaten and need a re-cue?

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