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Re: FE Package Status of May 06, 2006

Michael A. Peters wrote:
On Sat, 2006-05-06 at 15:52 +1200, Michael J Knox wrote:
Jose Pedro Oliveira wrote:
The full report can be found here:

Owners file stats:
 - 1689 packages
 - 51 orphans
 - 44 packages not available in extras devel or release
    jpo at di dot uminho dot pt                perl-Test-Builder-Tester
perl-Test-Builder-Tester is included with perl 5.8.8 (a FC-5 core package).
If thats the case, should there still be an entry for it in the owners file? I would have thought not..

the owners file does not distinguish between versions of Fedora.
If the perl modules are in fc5 and devel perl, but are not in fc3/fc4
perl, then they will be in the owners file because they are only
packaged in Extras for fc3/fc4.

It may be necessary to manually blacklist such cases from the report

Ah good point, I was a bit short sighted with my comment.

I will mark it down to be blacklisted on the reports.



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