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Summary from the last FESCo meeting

== Summary ==

Present from FESCo: thl, f13, skvidal, jeremy, spot, scop, jpo

 * kernel modules
  * was removed from the schedule -- still needs some fine tuning, but
works in general
  * <scop> I think this item is pretty much done, we just need some
kmods reviewed and into the repo (or new maintainers for the
thinkpad/lirc ones)
  * warren will poke around internally at redhat so GFS and Co are
changed to the new standard
 * EOL / Security Team
  * we agreed to go forward with the plan proposed in
https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-extras-list/2006-April/msg01650.html ; tibbs, bress and f13 will sure the information makes in into the wiki
 * FESCo future
  * there was some confusion if all FESCo seat in the planed election
will be voted on; yes, a voting on a complete new FESCo this time
(quoting spot:"it means something that the FESCO members are chosen by
FE even if it ends up being the same people"). Maybe in the future we'll
switch to a scheme where each election after each release of core will
be on 50% of the seats.
  * only a small number of self-nominations where there until Thursday;
as a result skvidal nominated some people from the old FESCo. They don't
have a mission statement in the wiki page, but this is considered to be
okay for existing FESCo members (it's probably also okay for
non-existing FESCo members, but it probably nowers chances to be
  * deadline is Sunday night (CET); but we have no system how to actualy
do the election so the deadline is extended until we have a proper
system. When it will be ready there is a 24 hour gap for last-minute
nominations and another 24 hour gap until the actual voting begins (both
things will be announced on fedora-extras-list)
  * the election will happen with a scheme "We have X FESCo seats and Y
nominees for it. vote for X people"
  * would be nice if we could use the accounts system to manage the
voting; jwb and spot are looking into that (help from python hackers
 * Weekly sponsorship nomination
   * tibbs, Jason L Tibbitts III accepted
 * changes to the packaging/review guidelines
  * discussed and agreed on:
   * "Game music or audio content is permissible, as long as the content
is freely distributable without restriction, and the format is not
patent encumbered."
   * "If the packager needs a sponser, the reviewer must be capable of
sponsoring to take ownership of the review.  Other parties are welcome
to make suggestions and add themselves to the CC of hte bug, but should
not take ownership of the bug or the review."
 * free discussion 
  * seems we need a better way to track and resolve legal issues

== Full Log ==
to big for this list -- see 

Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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