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Re: Packaging guidelines for web applications?

Le dimanche 07 mai 2006 à 12:32 -0500, Mike McGrath a écrit :

> I can't think of a single web-app that I've used that was designed
> with FHS in mind and it seems a bit odd that we have to rig all of our
> web apps with links and patches and things to get them to work in
> Fedora.

If you think the FHS is arbitrary why, you're right.
However if you believe like me the FHS is based on very carefully
thought-of unix administration policies, there's absolutely no reason
not to apply them to webapps.

Sure, existing webapps make it hard. This does not reflect on FHS
inadequacies IMHO, but more how many webapps are originally designed as
sub-apps with no regard for i18n, HIG or in our case administration.

Of course successful webapps have to bolt on this on later, and this
includes the Fedora FHS packaging.

Nicolas Mailhot

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