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Re: FE-ACCEPT when sponsor needed

On Thursday 04 May 2006 16:22, Hans de Goede wrote:
> No, blocking FE-NEEDSSPONSOR is correct untill you find a sponsor that
> is. I might be willing to sponsor you, but you first need to prove
> yourself somewhat more IMHO. Taking a spec file from Suse as a start is
> ok but hen not removing the Packager: Suse tag is somewhat sloppy. Also
> admitting that you use this tool for Legally gray area activities
> doesn't help building trust.
> Have you done other opensource work, if so pointers please. Otherwise
> opportunities to prove yourself are:
> -doing some reviews.

I did not know I could do reviews, while not being a packager.

> -package some more software for example libpar and gpar from:
>  http://sourceforge.net/projects/parchive/
>  Please add me to the CC field of the package review then I'll
>  review it for you and if all goes well sponsor you.

I just submitted libpar2 (#190091) and gpar2 (#190092), and added you and 
Jason to the CC fields (sorry for the spam: I should have added you to CC 
lists after having set up blockers and depends fields).

I discovered that par2cmdline is no longer maintained. Its code has forked to 
libpar2, which is the base of gpar2. I'll try soon to make par2cmdline 
compile with the new libpar2, and submit it to upstream. However, I still 
maintain request #190071 for par2cmdline. This tool is the only command line 
tool for PAR2 files. Even if its code is obsolete, it still compile and run 
correctly (the upstream par2cmdline package has a test suite, while libpar2 
package not longer has one).

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