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Re: FE-ACCEPT when sponsor needed

>>>>> "LR" == Laurent Rineau <laurent rineau__fc_extra normalesup org> writes:

LR> I just submitted libpar2 (#190091) and gpar2 (#190092), and added
LR> you and Jason to the CC fields (sorry for the spam: I should have
LR> added you to CC lists after having set up blockers and depends
LR> fields).

I saw the messages.  I also have sponsor status now, and seeing that
you've submitted other packages I'd like to get this moving.  But (and
there's always one of those) the issue isn't making sure that the
package is of quality (we know that it is) but that the submitter will
be around to maintain the package.  Obviously we can't tell what's
going to happen in the future but we can look at the submitters
community involvement.

It sounds like you have long term plans for this package and the
others, and you were quick to respond to comments during the review
process, so I'll be happy to sponsor you.  Go ahead and set up your
account as documented in

 - J<

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