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Re: weekly "new pacakges in Extras" (Was: Fedora Package Announcement List Split)

seth vidal wrote:
> why is this useful? Why not just add support for a list of pkg
> names/globs to repo-rss and cut out the middle man?

Because then we can use the repodata to send weekly mails, we can run
repoview on it, etc...

> Alternatively why don't we take a step back and make a list of all the
> features we want and write one tool that'll handle all of those items
> w/o lots of intermediate steps.

It's the two opposite designs: one big app which does everything, but gets
complicated, versus several small app which do only one thing, and use the
repodata as a common data format.
I like the second option better, sound more Unixy to me.

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