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Re: [Fedora-music-list] Re: package naming question: muse -vs - MusE

On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 19:12 -0400, Aaron Sherman wrote:
> Bill Nottingham wrote:
> > Anthony Green (green redhat com) said: 
> >   
> >> There are some discussions about merging parts of PlanetCCRMA into
> >> Fedora Extras.  One of the problems has to do with package namespace
> >> conflicts.  For instance, PlanetCCRMA has had a "muse" package for many
> >> years (http://www.muse-sequencer.org).  But now FE has an emacs
> >> extension package called "muse". 
> >>     
> >> One of the suggestions was to use the official project spelling of
> >> "MusE" for the package name.  Do the Extras packaging guidelines allow
> >> this (having both MusE and muse package)?
> >> Some combination of CVS, bugzilla, and/or the buildsystem I suspect would
> >> break.
> >>
> >> Frankly, I'd rename the emacs thing emacs-muse, but that's just me. :)
> Why not call the CCRMA packages "<package>-CCRMA"? That way there's no 
> conflicts. 

Because they are not part of CCRMA. Same reason for not naming extras
packages "extras-whatever". 

-- Fernando

> If this is just a spec file change, it won't affect CVS, and 
> it's a relatively trivial build change. As for Bugzilla... well, I don't 
> know what kind of automatic hooks the software has into submitting bug 
> reports, but it should not be hard to strip the trailing -CCRMA for 
> submitting.
> However, in this one case, I agree with the idea that if muse is an 
> emacs add-on, it should probably be emacs-muse.

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