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Re: FE Package Status of May 12, 2006

Christian Iseli licr org wrote:
Hi folks,

The page has been updated. Thorsten asked if we could highlight a bit those folks who perform many reviews but are not yet sponsors, so I have added some coloring to the page.

Actually, I kinda like colors :)  Maybe other things could be colorized too...

Another thing I was wondering: do you prefer people's names, or do you prefer the pseudo-email addresses in the various listings ?

Visually, I tend to prefer just the name, but then it makes things a bit harder when trying to send an email to poke someone on an issue... But then again, I hope to automate the nagging emails at some point... so I'm kinda hesitating what to do.

pseudo-email address works for me :)

I am wondering why it keeps reporting doctorj as an orphan:

[monkey localhost owners]$ cat owners.list | grep doctorj
Fedora Extras|doctorj|Java source code analyzer|michael knox net nz|extras-qa fedoraproject org|
[monkey localhost owners]$

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