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mock builds broken on FC5 machines

Some of you may already be aware that doing a mock build on a FC5 machine doesn't pull in all of the packages you need to properly setup your build env.  yum removed support for groupreq tags in the group definitions for version 2.6+ which prevents "yum groupinstall build" from pulling in its required groups.

To fix mock builds on a machine with yum 2.6+ find the line "config_opts['buildgroup'] = 'build'" in each of your /etc/mock/*.cfg files and change it to "config_opts['buildgroup'] = 'build build-minimal build-base'".  Those are all of the groups (that I know about) currently required by the group build.  Everything should be happy again!

There is a conversation going on in the yum-devel list about how to handle groupreq going forward.  As is common in open source projects people are using features in ways that the developers didn't expect.  I trust that Seth and crew will find us a good solution.


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