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Re: package updates for in all repos at the same time (Was: Incoming: directfb soname problems)

Michael Schwendt wrote:

<long reply of Michael to Thorsten snipped>

Seeing the long list of mostly valid problems Michael brings up and
combining this with my own gut feeling Which i had about this even
before reading Michaels objections I say don't do it. Lets not add all
these extra layers of complexity to the current well working FE "system"

Yes sometimes someone screws up. We need to learn from these occasions
and try to avoid them in the future. But adding a whole additional repo,
which to make things even more complicated isn't really a whole new
additional repo only make things complicated with little gain.

Instead we need to educate packagers both when it comes to knowledge
about the problems they may come as it comes to attitude. Above all we
need more trust in our packagers!

If we try to fix problems like this by adding layers of control and
management and procedures instead of solving the problem at its roots:
the packager*, then we will end up like the Dutch Public sector
(healthcare, education) where 50% of all employees are overhead and even
worse these overhead people create so much paperwork that the other 50%
who tries to gets the job done looses at least 30% of its time filling
in their paperwork.



* which is a human and will make mistakes, but no system is 100% failsafe

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