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Re: mock builds broken on FC5 machines

I thought that strange as well and edited all of mine to point to the actuall fc5 locations.  Especially with the development trees getting hosed daily this early in the cycle.

On 5/14/06, Gianluca Sforna <giallu gmail com> wrote:
On 5/13/06, Russell Harrison <rtlm10 gmail com> wrote:
> To fix mock builds on a machine with yum 2.6+ find the line
> "config_opts['buildgroup'] = 'build'" in each of your /etc/mock/*.cfg files
> and change it to "config_opts['buildgroup'] = 'build build-minimal
> build-base'".  Those are all of the groups (that I know about) currently
> required by the group build.  Everything should be happy again!

Thanks for the info... I was just wondering what was wrong with my mock...

on a side note, is that normal that /etc/mock/fedora-5-i386-core.cfg
is set to install from the development repo? i.e:


baseurl= http://fedoraproject.org/buildgroups/development/i386/

baseurl= http://fedoraproject.org/extras/development/i386


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