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Re: FE Package Status of May 12, 2006

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Paul Howarth wrote:
> Christian Iseli licr org wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> The page has been updated.  Thorsten asked if we could highlight a bit
>> those folks who perform many reviews but are not yet sponsors, so I
>> have added some coloring to the page.
>> Actually, I kinda like colors :)  Maybe other things could be
>> colorized too...
>> Another thing I was wondering: do you prefer people's names, or do you
>> prefer the pseudo-email addresses in the various listings ?
>> Visually, I tend to prefer just the name, but then it makes things a
>> bit harder when trying to send an email to poke someone on an issue...
>> But then again, I hope to automate the nagging emails at some point...
>> so I'm kinda hesitating what to do.
>> Cheers,
>>                     Christian
>> ----
>> FE Package Status of May 12, 2006
>> The full report can be found here:
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/PackageStatus
> The full report includes:
>> Packages appearing in Core but still present in CVS devel
>> We have 5 packages in CVS devel which appear to have moved to Core:
>> unifdef
>> check
>> libevent
>> glib
>> gtk+
> At least for glib and gtk+, the packages have actually moved from Core
> to Extras, not the other way around.

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Appeared first in rawhide then it was submitted to Extras for FC-4 and
FC-5 (see ticket #190362).

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José Pedro Oliveira
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