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Re: [Fedora-music-list] Re: package naming question: muse -vs - MusE

>>>>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan Underwood <jonathan underwood gmail com> writes:

Jonathan> On 12/05/06, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> wrote:
>> I'm not an emacs users, but from all I can see I'll vote for the
>> solution spot suggested (e.g. emacs-common-foo).

Jonathan> I much prefer emacsen-foo.

As do I, but if everyone else prefers the 'emacs-common' thats ok with
me too. :) 

Jonathan> Why do we need the word "common" in a package name? It makes
Jonathan> sense in a subpackage name, but in a package name, it's
Jonathan> confusing.

I would agree. 

I guess we just need to have FECSO vote and settle it once and for
all. :) 

Thorsten: Can you add that to the next meeting agenda? 

After that, both 'mew' and 'emacs-autex' probibly will need to change
names to conform to whatever is decided. 

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