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Re: Claiming ownership for thinkpad related packages and pam_mount

>>>>> "Till" == Till Maas <opensource till name> writes:

Till> Hiyas, some packages I like to use are orphaned so I tinker with
Till> the idea of claiming ownership of them. I am not an maintainer
Till> for anything at the moment so what do I have to do to claim
Till> ownership?

As far as I know we don't have a method to get someone
sponsored/maintainer status without them having submitted a package
for review. 

Is there some package you would like to submit for review?
This would show that you know how packages work and the extras
guidelines, etc. 

Till> I am interested in the following packages:

Till> xosd tpb tpctl thinkpad-kmod thinkpad-kmod-common
Till> configure-thinkpad pam_mount

I use xosd and tpb a lot here. I will probibly take them over for now
since no one else is stepping up, but if you do get a package reviewed
and go through the process I would be happy to hand them off to you
down the road. 

Till> Regards, Till


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