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Re: Claiming ownership for thinkpad related packages and pam_mount

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason L Tibbitts, <tibbs math uh edu> writes:

>>>>> "KF" == Kevin Fenzi <kevin-fedora-extras scrye com> writes:
KF> As far as I know we don't have a method to get someone
KF> sponsored/maintainer status without them having submitted a
KF> package for review.

Jason> I don't think we have a policy, but the procedure is clear.
Jason> They can just sign up for an account as normal, and the sponsor
Jason> (assuming someone is willing to be one, of course) can upgrade
Jason> the status as normal.

Jason> I think the committee should take up the idea of sponsorship
Jason> for package adoption without package submission.

Yeah, I think it should be possible too, but it will likely be much
harder for sponsors to tell if someone is ready to be sponsored. 

KF> Is there some package you would like to submit for review? This
KF> would show that you know how packages work and the extras
KF> guidelines, etc.

Jason> He could also just review packages (but not be able to approve
Jason> them, as usual) , help users, etc.

Sure. I guess it's currently subjectively up to sponsors to determine
if someone is ready to be sponsored and maintain packages. Without
concrete information it's impossible to tell if someone knows enough
to be a good maintainer. :(

One thing that might have helped in the dim past was when people did
introductions explaining their background and skills... 

Jason>  - J<


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