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Re: sponsorship for package adoption without package submission (was Re: Claiming ownership for thinkpad related packages and pam_mount)

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Am Montag, den 15.05.2006, 13:14 -0500 schrieb Jason L Tibbitts III:
"KF" == Kevin Fenzi <kevin-fedora-extras scrye com> writes:
KF> As far as I know we don't have a method to get someone
KF> sponsored/maintainer status without them having submitted a
KF> package for review.

I don't think we have a policy, but the procedure is clear.  They can
just sign up for an account as normal, and the sponsor (assuming
someone is willing to be one, of course) can upgrade the status as

I think the committee should take up the idea of sponsorship for
package adoption without package submission.

I send the following to the FESCo-List last week (it was in a similar
I'll give a example of my currently thoughts: Package foo is orphaned.
bar is interested in taking it over, but is no Extras contributor yet.
Sponsor foobar steps up; he acts as proxy between bar and Extras cvs for
some time (e.g. bar prepares patches, sends them to foobar who applies
them and requests the build). If everything looks okay after some time
bar get sponsored.

Is this stupid? Biggest problem: How to find sponsors that like to act
as proxy?

That would mean (a lot of) extra work for the sponsors. And that's why
this idea probably will fail. Does anyone have a better idea?

The normal review request process? Potential owners can state that its an orphaned package and edit the orphan wiki page to include the BZ # of the review request.

Simple enough?


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