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Re: package updates for in all repos at the same time (Was: Incoming: directfb soname problems)

On Sun, 2006-05-14 at 16:19 +0200, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> Before that becomes possible we will need a way to mark packages which
> depend on eachother, so they are only pushed together. Plus a way to
> prioritise build jobs and releases (not just with security fixes in mind).

What could happen, is before moving packages out of needsign,
repoclosure should be tested. Packages that break repo closure don't get
let out. Once a full set of packages that don't break deps are sitting
in needsign, they can be let out.

Probably tricky to implement, but this would at least help prevent dep
breakage in the repo. As signing packages is manual anyway, perhaps a
repoclosure test could be run, and the packages to hold back are
selected manually.

(Or is this already done?)

This still doesn't help when core breaks a dep though. (Galeon breaking
everything when Mozilla is updated, for example. This is partially yum's
fault, as the yum developers insist on making yum fail unless all repos
are 100% perfect. Bleh.) Which is another reason to merge Extras and
Core's build infrastructure...

And does nothing about obscure new upstream bugs, but unless you can
find an automatic way to detect them, you can't automatically prevent
them anyway. (Unit tests)

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