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Re: Virtuals for webserver and fastcgi

Andreas Thienemann wrote:
On Thu, 18 May 2006, Paul Howarth wrote:

I can envisage, at some point in the future, that people might want to package up FastCGI applications and might want to add a suitable dependency for a FastCGI-capable server, akin to the existing "webserver" provide. Any suggestions for what, if any, that should be?

I'd really love to see something a bit weaker than Requires. Suggested: or Optional: to indicate that the package would like to have fast_cgi, but doesn't need it.

That would be nice for rpm.

+1. Debian has this, and it makes a lot of sense for packages like atlas that provide performance-optimized versions of libraries that already exist in another package (blas and lapack, in this case). In many cases users don't know about these libraries, and having suggested dependencies would provide a way to
make users aware of their options.


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