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Re: [Fedora-music-list] Re: package naming question: muse -vs - MusE

>>>>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan Underwood <jonathan underwood gmail com> writes:

Jonathan> OK, FESCO unfortunatley didn't actually seem to reach any
Jonathan> kind of decision on this. 

Yes, they did in the meeting just this morning... 

The answer seems to be 'emacs-common-muse'

May 18 11:02:33 ---     thl has changed the topic to: FESCo Meeting in progess -- emacs-muse
May 18 11:02:37 *       bpepple lurking about.
May 18 11:02:41 <thl>   {x,}emacs-muse, emacs-comon-muse or emacsen-muse ?
May 18 11:02:50 <thl>   do we want to discuss this without spot?
May 18 11:02:56 *       spot is here
May 18 11:03:00 <XulChris>      +1 emacs-common-muse
May 18 11:03:04 *       nirik likes 'emacsen-muse', but it doesn't really matter that much I guess.
May 18 11:03:12 <thl>   +1 emacs-common-muse
May 18 11:03:20 <spot>  there is no precent for making up words like emacsen in the guidelines to date
May 18 11:03:22 <thl>   spot, what's you current solution?
May 18 11:03:29 <spot>  and i would prefer not to start anything. :)
May 18 11:03:33 <mschwendt>     +1 emacs-common-muse
May 18 11:03:41 <nirik> spot: fair enough.
May 18 11:03:42 <spot>  emacs-common-foo is my vote
May 18 11:03:50 <XulChris>      +∞ emacs-common-muse
May 18 11:03:51 <bpepple>       +1 emacs-common-muse
May 18 11:03:55 <spot>  precedent
May 18 11:04:13 <thl>   k, seems this one one easy
May 18 11:04:24 <nirik> ok, so muse, mew, and emacs-autex have to change...

Jonathan> So, I have updated the spec to
Jonathan> call the package emacs-muse, with subpackages of
Jonathan> xemacs-muse, emacs-muse-common, emacs-muse-el and
Jonathan> xemacs-muse-el. this is a bit unilateral, but I figured
Jonathan> doing something is better than nothing.

Jonathan> I have also added Obsoletes: muse and Provides: muse to the
Jonathan> muse-common subpackage. 

Make sure you have the versions right in there. 

Jonathan> I'm all ready to go, but I don't know what the best way to
Jonathan> proceed is - shall I import this as a new package into cvs
Jonathan> (since the package name is now different) and request the
Jonathan> old package is deleted? (surely this won't have to go
Jonathan> through the review process again?)

Yeah, I would think importing the new package and requesting the old
one be removed would be right. 

Jonathan> Jonathan.


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