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Trouble with the new Amarok version

I'm maintaining Amarok in Extras, and version 1.4 final is out. This version
removes the gstreamer engine, because the devs judged it to be not ready
yet (which is true, no streaming for example).
That leaves amarok with two engines, Xine and Helix, and at least one of
them has to be present.
The problem is that Xine contains mp3 decoding code, and thus is not in
Extras, and HelixPlayer is ExcludeArch'd ppc64 x86_64 s390 s390x ia64

As a consequence, since 1.4 final there is no engine available on x86_64.

There is no clean way to reactivate the gstreamer engine (gone from the
tarball), so I'm thinking about ExcludArch'ing Amarok in the same way as
HelixPlayer. It's pretty sad because it means x86_64 users won't have it,
even if they can get the xine engine plugin from /somewhere else/.

Do you see any other option ?

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