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Re: Trouble with the new Amarok version

Aurelien Bompard schrieb:

> As a consequence, since 1.4 final there is no engine available on x86_64.
> There is no clean way to reactivate the gstreamer engine (gone from the
> tarball), so I'm thinking about ExcludArch'ing Amarok in the same way as
> HelixPlayer. It's pretty sad because it means x86_64 users won't have it,
> even if they can get the xine engine plugin from /somewhere else/.

> Do you see any other option ?

No, this is the best temporary solution, until we have a engine for
x86_64 that can ship with fedora.

We really should update at least the other archs, as they currently ship
with a 1.4beta3 version which has some really nasty bugs that are fixed
in 1.4 final. So staying at 1.4beta3 and pushing 1.4 final only into
devel like Ville suggested is a bad idea for the majority of people.

In my opinion Aurelien should release the final packages for all
possible architectures and stay at version 1.4beta3 in x86_64 until a
solution is found for the missing sound engine. When there is one, we
can release a new package for all archs including this solution. Doing
so, we improve stability for the majority of users a lot and we do not
lessen stability for x86_64 users.



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