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Re: Trouble with the new Amarok version

Ville Skyttä schrieb:

>> We really should update at least the other archs, as they currently ship
>> with a 1.4beta3 version which has some really nasty bugs that are fixed
>> in 1.4 final. So staying at 1.4beta3 and pushing 1.4 final only into
>> devel like Ville suggested is a bad idea for the majority of people.
> Note that the if the new one is pushed, automatic cleanup scripts will
> at some point remove the SRPM that was sometime used to build the x86_64
> package.  The version skew will also probably cause problems for
> external engine packagers.  And Like Aurelien already mentioned, where
> do you maintain the old package for x86_64?  When a security issue is
> found that requires action for all architectures, how do you handle it?
>> In my opinion Aurelien should release the final packages for all
>> possible architectures
> -1 if it means introducing the version skew.

I didn't saw the point that the old work will be lost then and we can't
split the package easily. So, as you and Aurelien already pointed out,
the only thing we can do is to try to fix the sound engine problem
before releasing the packages (and thus fixing the bugs in 1.4beta3).



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