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Re: Trouble with the new Amarok version

Linus Walleij schrieb:

> Are the improvements in the new Amarok so important that it is
> impossible to live without them and simply stall the package at the
> current version until they adopt a more mature gStreamer and/or arts?

Imho: yeah. The actual version in extras is 1.4beta3, which is far from
being really stable. Some of the bugs rendering this version unusable
(for a stable distro release, not for the beta itself) are: Settings are
lost sometimes after restarting (especially for podcasts) or copying to
vfat players renames all tracks depending on the title, so all albums
are getting sorted wrong on mobile vfat players (The last bug had 170
votes in KDE's bugzilla). 1.4 final should fix these and some more issues.

At least I am not aware of any security issues, but as these usability
issues are really nasty ones happening in the major features of amarok
1.4 namely podcasting and mobile player integration, we should not wait
longer than necessary. Otherwise many users would be badly disappointed
by the release and in the next step by fedora.

Unfortunately, getting a usable sound engine doesn't look like an easy
solvable problem :-( Anyway, I am voting against waiting.



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