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Summary from this weeks FESCo meeting

== Summary ==

Present from FESCo: thl, skvidal, jeremy, mschwendt, warren, spot,
thomasvs, ensc, jpo

 * 19:02 {x,}emacs-muse, emacs-comon-muse or emacsen-muse ?
  * emacs-common-muse !
 * 19:05 buildsys-build -- What packages shall be in the default
  * spot> | we should keep this to the smallest possible set of packages
  * skvidal> | so whenever someone decides on what these things are, let
me know of the list so I can edit the right files
  * spot > | ok, i just sent an email to fesco with the packages used by
mock that are above/beyond the exceptions; i'm not against adding some
of these to the Exceptions list with rationalizations
  * spot> | i'll work on the "new Exceptions"
 * 19:14 Deduping of needsign packages
  * mschwendt will lokk after this (it's on the schedule for a long time
 * 19:19 How to solve legal issues
  * thl put that on the schedule -- seems the communication between
Extras and Legal isn't perfect and some things got stuck due to that
  * warren> | thl, generally legal tells me, "If in doubt, the answer is
  * spot> | legal issues wrt packaging should be decided by the
packaging committee
 * 19:20 packaging committee
  * spot has a mandate for such a committee to exist and he has been
appointed [by FAB] to make it go. :)
  * some discussion if FESCo or another Committee should handle that;
the idea was to have a committee that spanned both core and extras
defining packaging standards for both; we need something today, and the
current plan seems to be to create a packaging committee (lead by spot);
we'll probably revisit this issue after fc6; if at any point, it becomes
irrelevant, we'll absorb it back in
 * Weekly sponsorship nomination
  * _wart_ (Michael Thomas) nominates himself; FESCo will get back to
him you next week
 * 19:38 what do we do with MIA/AWOL maintainers?
  * See also
  * Just to make sure we all know what's meant:
   * AWOL=absent without leave
   * MIA=missing in action
  * some discussions; jwb, mschwendt and Michael J Knox seem to be
interested in it. See full log for details
 * 19:48 co-maintainership is brought into the MIA/AWOL discussion
  * warren> | Yeah, co-maintainership is something we need too... (thl
puts it on the schedule)
  * warren> | I suppose fedora account system is the proper place to
track this in a database, and it can be
  * mschwendt> | warren: plus a tracker for contributors who are
believed to be MIA/AWOL
  * warren> | Let's put together a design proposal for this packages
  * warren> | I'll write something up initially for fedora-extras-list
 * 19:58 Incompatible package upgrade policy (directfb for example)
  * some discussion around
  * maybe there should be at most one compat-*package per case ? 
  * spot> | thl: let me write something up and we'll hash it out later;
i think i know what i want here
 * 20:07 Free discussion
  * 20:07 spot> | ruby guidelines;
    * some discussions if a "Ruby (abi) = foo" would make sense; rawhide
might have something like that now. Spot will take a closer look if we
can have something compatible for older distros
  * 20:11 php: /var/www/  vs. /usr/share 
    * spot> | someone might just have to put their foot down and choose
a side.
    * spot> | i think i vote for php code to go into /usr/share i dont
want to step on userdata living in /var/www
    * ixs> | fine. I'll consider that settled then.
    * spot> | ixs: can you write up a little policy blurb for me to add
to the guidelines

== Full Log ==

In the wiki at
Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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