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Re: Updates to Packaging Guidelines

On 22/05/06, Christopher Stone <chris stone gmail com> wrote:
It would seem to me that if auctex is only usable for emacs (and not
xemacs) then it would be named emacs-auctex.  Simple as that.   If
auctex can be used for both emacs and xemacs then it would be called
emacs-common-auctex.  I'm not sure where the confusion lies?

That's not what the guideline says. That's (part of) the problem. The
guideline specifically insists that emacs-auctex be renamed to
emacs-common-auctex (go read it and see).

It seems to me you are over-thinking this issue, and trying to make it
more complicated than it actually is.

Yes, I did over think it. Then I realized what the simple solution was
(see the emacs-muse.spec). Unfortunately, I made other people over
think it too in the process. I suck :)

The problem is that the Guideline is unecessarily complicated, when a
much simpler and logical alternative exists.


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