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Re: scientific license - fedora compatible?

On 23/05/06, Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com> wrote:
On 5/23/06, Jonathan Underwood <jonathan underwood gmail com> wrote:
> The program is distributed under a license which permits copying and
> modification of the source code. However, modified versions are only
> allowed to be distributed as patch files: as such, the gnuplot licence
> is not compatible with the GPL, and is not free software (according to
> FSF, DFSG, and OSI).

Your assessment as to the acceptability of 'patch distribution'
restrictions is absolutely incorrect with regard to the DFSG and OSI.
If you have authoritative references which you are relying on to back
up your assessment, cite them.

If you had read my mail, you would see that I was quoting wikipedia -
that wasn't my statement, and I prefixed it by saying it was not
necessarily authoratitve. Thanks for the flame though, it warmed my


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