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twisted 2.x packaging

Hey everyone,

I wanted to ask what people think I should do to upgrade Twisted.

Twisted 2.x is mostly compatible with 1.3.  The only depending package
of Twisted in Extras at the moment is Flumotion, which I also maintain.

Starting from 2.x, Twisted's packaging suggestions ask that Twisted be
package as a number of subpackages.  See

Jeff Pitman has done all the hard work in his pyvault repository.  I
intend to pretty much copy what he has done, and when I asked about it
he was ok with that.

I guess the only real issue here is the following - how should I
proceed ? Basically, doing it this way means creating 12 new package
directories and removing one old one.  Should I treat these 12 as
completely new ? Am I allowed to import them straight away given that
they're replacements/splitout from a previously accepted package ?

Of course, there will still be a python-twisted package, which will be a
metapackage, as recommended.  Possibly, Flumotion will then require only
the subpackages it needs, so new installs will be as light as they can

Thanks in advance,

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