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Re: twisted 2.x packaging

On Tue, 2006-05-23 at 18:40 +0200, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I wanted to ask what people think I should do to upgrade Twisted.
> Twisted 2.x is mostly compatible with 1.3.  The only depending package
> of Twisted in Extras at the moment is Flumotion, which I also maintain.

This will change with BitTorrent 5.0; the beta (4.9.6) currently uses
twisted-core and twisted-web.

> Starting from 2.x, Twisted's packaging suggestions ask that Twisted be
> package as a number of subpackages.  See
> http://twistedmatrix.com/projects/core/documentation/upgrades/2.0/split.html

This may already be out of date. I *think* Twisted Xish has been
incorporated into Twisted Words.

> Jeff Pitman has done all the hard work in his pyvault repository.  I
> intend to pretty much copy what he has done, and when I asked about it
> he was ok with that.

Can we have it yesterday please :-)

I had a go at making Extras-compatible versions of these (as you'll know
from bugzilla) and there are a few tweaks needed here and there, such as
doing proper directory ownership, ghosting of .pyo files, dependency
package name changes (e.g. SOAPpy instead of python-soappy), removal of
shellbangs from python files to shut rpmlint up etc.

> I guess the only real issue here is the following - how should I
> proceed ? Basically, doing it this way means creating 12 new package
> directories and removing one old one.  Should I treat these 12 as
> completely new ? Am I allowed to import them straight away given that
> they're replacements/splitout from a previously accepted package ?

Well the app has previously been approved but the packaging is now
sufficiently different that I think it would be worth re-reviewing.
Especially since most of the packages now have separate upstream
tarballs, get released at different times etc., and so are really
separate new packages.

There is a slight chicken-and-egg issue in that all of the packages
would need to be released together in order to provide a clean update
route from 1.3, but most of the packages have a build dependency on
python-twisted-core. So whoever was reviewing them all would have to
maintain a local repo if they were to test them using mock.

There's also an issue in that there's a new build dep for the main
package of python-zope-interface, so that will need to go in first.


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