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Re: FE 5 Amarok

Quentin Spencer wrote:
> It doesn't play flac files either, apparently because the developers
> decided not to support one of the plugins. I think the "upgrade" to 1.4
> was a bad idea.

As said earlier on this list, the amarok developers chose to remove the
gstreamer 0.10 engine from the tarball. That leaves us with the Helix
engine only, since Xine can't be in extras for patent reasons.

Unfortunately, Helix has no flac plugin yet, so amarok won't play flac files
for the moment.

However, if you live in a country which does not recognizes software
patents, you can install the Xine engine from another repository. This one
plays flac files.

Sigh... Already 4 bug reports because the gstreamer engine has been removed

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