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Re: PHP packaging guidelines

On Fri, 26 May 2006, Paul Howarth wrote:

> Would Smarty (in Extras as php-Smarty) be an PEAR or PECL package? It
> doesn't appear to me to be either,
Well, code-wise it could be considered pear, as the smarty engine is 
written in pure-php code.

However, as the Smarty Template Engine is not part of pear, we can't 
really put it in as php-pear-Smarty, isn't it?

So either we name it just "Smarty", as upstream does it, or we keep 
calling it "php-Smarty". After all, the pear and pecl packages should in 
case there's no collision do provide a php-%{name} package.
So, php-Smarty sounds somewhat sane.

But I guess Smarty is a somewhat border-case: Normal php-webapps should 
not be required to be kept in a php-prefixed namespace, but one could 
argue that Smarty is a base-package and thus should live in the 


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