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Re: Naming guidelines question

Hans de Goede wrote:

> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/NamingGuidelines says that
> %{name} should use upstreams advertised name and/or tarbal name. But it
> says nothing about capitalization. I thought that the rule was to always
> use all lowercase even if upstream does things differently unless there
> are arguments in favor of sticking to upstreams capitalization?

I don't think the NamingGuidelines cover capitalization, but I don't think
it unreasonable to lowercase everything.  

> Also on the same page it talks about release candidates versioning and
> it advices to use the final version this will become as version (agreed)
> and to use the following as release:
> 0.%{X}.%{alphatag}
> so we get:
> 0.1.rc1
> Where as I have always used and have seen others use (mostly):
> 0.rc1.1
> Is it ok
> to use my own discretion here, both for my own packages and when
> reviewing? Or should things always be done as:
> 0.%{X}.%{alphatag} ?

No, yes, respectively.

-- Rex

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