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Re: Naming guidelines question

On Fri, 2006-05-26 at 20:42 +0300, Ville Skyttä wrote:
> Do we expect users to browse into the upstream tarball distribution dirs
> and select the name of a tarball without the version etc and paste it to
> their command line (assuming that's what the above means)?  Or select it
> from other documentation where the app/project name is very likely to be
> spelled in different case than in the tarball?  And how about the rest
> of the guidelines which say that certain packages must be prefixed eg.
> by perl-*, python-*, or be named like $appname-$plugin?  What about
> subpackages?

Not just browsing tarballs, but documentation that says 'You need
PackageFoo' installed, or "You need ORBit2 to be able to use this,
please install it through your vendor".  So the only way I would find
acceptable a 'lowercase always' rule is if in each case we are breaking
the upstream name we must have a Provides: UpstreamName .

> > _if_ we were ever to make package guidelines be lowercase only, we
> > would need to modify rpm, yum, etc... to accept caps and pass them as
> > lower case.
> As long as the filesystems, rest of the tools in the OS, URLs etc in use
> are case sensitive, I'm afraid that would not work too well in practice.
> All lowercase would not solve anywhere near all problems either (see
> above for some examples), but it would be a much less intrusive way to
> avoid some of them than the above suggestions, and would be easy to
> communicate/document.

yes, I know it is impraticle/impossible to force rpm / yum to do what I
asked, however I was throwing it out there as a blocker to force.  That
said, using a Provides: RealName is a much easier way of ensuring that
'yum install ORBit2' will succeeed just as well as 'yum install orbit2'.
This doesn't solve rpm -q ORBit2 issues, only rpm --whatprovides ORBit2

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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