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Re: Fedora logo license

On 5/27/06, Patrick W. Barnes <nman64 n-man com> wrote:
As the page states, you must still submit your request for permission to
logo fedoraproject org and wait for a response.  Your usage case will be
considered, and a response will be formulated accordingly.

I think the page should be re-ordered for clarity.  The absolute most
common question is going to be 'how do i get permission'

the color-usage pdf should be a seperate item below a 'How to get
permission' item.
Right now, you read it quickly... and its pretty easy to go 'oh
contact that address if I have questions about the pdf.'

In fact the 'how do i get permissions' item should provide a very
simple set of questions which are expected to be answeres when sending
in the request for permission.. even if you think what you have to
provide as information when asking for permission is obvious.. it
helps immensely for clarity if there is a proforma set of questions
people can have up front.  Hell have a pre-filled in mailto url link
that spawns in the user's local mail client, that has the proforma
questions in the email.

-jef"you can lead a horse to water... but you can't paint it blue and
write the word fedora on its side..because that would be a trademark

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