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Re: Trouble with the new Amarok version

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> This is a really crap-tastic situation for amarok users, regardless of
> distribution.  I think to keep yourself sane as the maintainer caught
> in the middle, you should turn the bugreports into a drinking game.
> Everytime someone new complains about the lack of gst support.. you
> get to drink a shot of tequila!

Man, you've just shed new light on bug reports. I now see the whole concept
of "bug-squashing party" with a new eye. This is illuminating !

> I find it an extremely odd decision right before the release, considering
> that amarok's "big thing" is audio engine neutrality.

Actually, amarok is more about being feature-packed than being
engine-neutral. The support for multiple engine is just one of those
features. For their defence, the gst0.10 engine did lack some important
fonctionality like streaming (webradios). They got fed up with bugreports
on incomplete engines, and decided to only include engine with a set
of "necessary" features. That left out gst0.10.

Anyway, I don't care anymore, I have a bottle of Jose Cuervo Especial.


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