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Summary from last weeks FESCo meeting

== Summary ==

Present from FESCo: thl, ensc, jpo, warren, thomasvs, jeremy, scop,

 * buildsys-build 
  * Just a bit background information: The list of packages that mock
installed by default currently doesn't match the list of exceptions
documented in the
packaging guidelines]. We currently try to clean this mess up a bit and
bring the guidelines and mock in sync. There was some discussion about
this on the FESCo mailing list. The plan was to kick out these:
   * autoconf
   * automake
   * automake14
   * automake15
   * automake16
   * automake17
   * bison
   * buildsys-macros
   * byacc
   * createrepo
   * ctags
   * diffstat
   * doxygen
   * flex
   * gdb
   * gettext
   * indent
   * intltool
   * libtool
   * openssh-server
   * patchutils
   * perl-XML-Dumper
   * perl-XML-Parser
   * perl-XML-SAX
   * pkgconfig
   * rpm-python
   * strace
   * which
  Some of those on the list (especially which, pkgconfig and gettext)
are still under discussion. See
[https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2006-May/msg00807.html this mail] for some more details. The consens in the meeting was to let "which" out, but it is included in the mdomsch's build efforts now (he extended those to Extas during the weekend). So chances are high that we'll let is stay in the default buildroot.
  * jeremy> | having the packages with .pc files require pkgconfig
instead of having pkgconfig in the base set is fine by me
  * Do you plan to change it for all supported distributions, or only
for the development branch? Undecided, maybe all. But is that worth the
  * The plan is to list the explicit "Exceptions" and the extrapolated
list (packages that are pulled in via deps or are intalled by default;
maybe we need to be list them separately for all distro versions)
 * Encourage Extras reviews (warren, tibbs)
  * some ideas from tibbs at
 * Fedora Extras metrics (Sopwith)
  * Sopwith> | Heheh, well, I have been ignoring it for months now.
  * Sopwith> | Right now, in the bigger picture, we need to start
recruiting developers to write code for metrics and other infrastructure
  * thl> | Sopwith, we/you probably should talk to Christian; he creates
  * Sopwith> | If there is any access I can give him to make hosting his
stuff easier, I'd be happy to.
 * CVS access (not on the schedule)
  * thl> | I'd like to trow this in while jeremy and Sopwith are around
  * thl> | are there chances that we can open CVS a bit more? e.g. round
[https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-extras-list/2006-May/msg00506.html proposed here].
  * jeremy> | thl: it should be possible to do; shouldn't be too hard I
don't think 
  * thl> | Sopwith, jeremy, btw, are you aware of
https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-extras-list/2006-May/msg00510.html (that's the CTRL-C problem)
  * warren> | CTRL-C problem cannot be solved unless we make the server
take care of that entirely...
  * warren> | thl, may I suggest that we defer attempting to fix that,
because we are seriously looking at replacing CVS with something else
after FC6.
  * thl> | we should fix it soon
  * scop> | not a fix, but package push reports help in identifying
susceptible builds
  * thomasvs> | it's easily doable - add an ampersand to the trigger, if
it runs in the background it can't be interrupted 
  * jeremy> | would need to be tried, it could have other side effects
  * nirik> | as someone pointed out, you can just upload a new .tar.gz
to the lookaside with your evil changes in them... no one is likely to
catch that. 
  * tibbs> | Push ACLs down to the individual packages?
  * scop> | nirik, I assume that buildsys checks md5sums from the
"sources" file for everything in lookaside cache 
  * that wrong -> the sums are not checked (that has problems when
upstream servers are down or rearrange their layout or ...) and we have
modified tarballs (mp3 stuff removed)
  * tibbs> | Assuming it's relatively easy to give others permission,
and the people who need it will always have permissions, what are the
  * no conclusion was found -> skipped
 * Weekly sponsorship nomination
  * wart (Michael Thomas) was accepted
  * mdomsch was nominated (will be discussed next week)

Full log at
Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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