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Re: Fedora Extras Meeting Minutes 2006-10-26

On Wed, 2006-11-01 at 23:28 -0800, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> = 2006 October 26 FESCo Meeting =

> (10:26:05) tibbs: Well, Ralf objects, but I'm not sure to what he
> objects.

I objected to making this person a sponsor ATM (!), because I do not
think he is qualified *yet* and needs some more time to learn and gain

> (10:26:13) warren: Is Ralf on FESCO?
> (10:26:21) tibbs: No, but he is a sponsor
> (10:26:23) jwb: warren, that doesn't matter
Wasn't FESCo about to change something about the nomiation and election
procedures? Seems to me as if this attempt has even failed before it

> (10:28:24) thl: "Mamoru Tasaka" is on topic here
> (10:28:31) warren: What damage can really happen here? We'll work
> through any difficulty if it happens.
What happens, is this person having going too far and overengineering
packages. As a consequence of this, he now is blocking reviews.

In case of xtide (His own submission), he missed to notice how his
changes lack sustainability and conflict/break with upstream. IMO, this
is a masterpiece of a review, having failed due to lack of

Fortunately, in this particular case, upstream seems to react, which
probably will resolve the xtide review failures in not too distant

> (10:28:47) warren: Nobody in FESCO is against it, let's just move
> forward.
On the discussion preceeding your meeting, others also had preliminaries
against him (IIRC, comprising at least one FESCo member).

Also note the persons being involved in the xtide review. At least one
person being involved there, at least shares some aspects of my

Anyway, this all is a dead horse, and it really doesn't make any sense
to further discuss this.


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