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Re: extras package that simplifies installation of vmware packages ?


David Timms schrieb:
> Hi I am thinking of creating a package called vmware-server-prerequisites.
> This could have requires of the rpms that need to be installed for
> vmware to be able to run. It could also include the any-any patch
> {although some people are saying it isn't need with k-2.6.18 / fc6}.
> Perhaps also a sub package called vmware-server-console-prerequisites,
> that has any packages that it might need.
> My understanding is that to be part of fedora-extras, I could not
> require the vmware package itself, ie I could only require packages in
> core or extras.


> Without knowing any details about dkms I would imagine that some
> trickery could be performed so that a kernel update causes a vmware
> module recompile.

No, the vmware modules are not acceptable for extras afaik as they might
have similar (not directly identical) problems as the nvidia or ati
drivers -- see the recent ndiswrapper discussion on lkml and/or

And I don't know if the vmware license even allows to ship only the
kernel modules.

> Any thoughts on possibilities and on incorporating such in extras ?

I don't think it's possible or makes to much sense in Extras. Maybe you
have more luck in one of the 3rd party repos.


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