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Re: Packagers, use: plague-client requeue ...

(side note: all this cross posting sucks)

Jonathan Underwood schrieb:
> On 11/11/06, Michael Schwendt <bugs michael gmx net> wrote:
>> This is unnecessary. Run:
>>   plague-client requeue <build-job-id>
>> instead of doing the "bump, commit, make tag, make build" dance. You can
>> requeue failed/killed build jobs until they succeed.
>> And so far, the buildsys would not even care if you simply asked it
>> to build the same tag once more.
> Useful information. I wonder if we should have a wiki page about
> plague-client useage?

Agreed, this is one of the many thing that's documented lousily in the
wiki. Someone needs to just do it. Probably a new page similar to
or add a note on
could help.


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