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Fedora Extras related open tasks

Hi folks,

Going fishing here... :-)

Here is a list of tasks that can be undertaken by any Fedora Extras
contributor.  If you have some brain cycles available, please consider
contributing some loving care to one or more of them.  The principle is
quite simple: add your name in the appropriate subpage of
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/Schedule, discuss things on f-e-l
if needed, and report your progress on f-e-l and on the schedule pages
itself.  You can also find some help on IRC #fedora-extras (and
depending on the tasks: #fedora-admin).

Please try to keep all discussions related to the tasks public on this
mailing list.

- help the whole EPEL framework lift off
- develop kmod support in the buildsys
- prepare proposals to have alternative paths of membership advancement
- prepare proposals for a "Maintainer Responsibilities" policy
- test proposed alternative VCSs
- prepare list of criteria to be made a sponsor
- help develop and test the package database

Of course, please feel free to bring up new "task".  For example, there are many
ideas that linger around without progress in the wiki container:
Please make sure to coordinate with the infrastructure team where needed
(see http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Schedule).

I intend to post those "tasks" mails every couple weeks.
I'll do my best to monitor tasks related traffic on f-e-l and summarize
progress in the upcoming mails.

Let's see if we can cover some ground this way...


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