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Re: beryl: missing deps

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
CCing jwilson redhat com, owner of beryl

Mamoru Tasaka schrieb:
Clive Messer wrote:
It looks like only some of beryl has been pushed to repo .......
Missing deps are under FE-Review or are waiting for FE CVS to
come back again to be rebuilt.

Then why the heck was beryl build for FC-6 if it was known that some
hardcoded deps were not yet in cvs and not ready to be build? People
will run into issues that way when using yum and thus the it's just a
totally stupid thing to do in a stable branch (and even quite bad in the
deel-branch, too).

/me is getting more and more annoyed with all those broken deps and
broken upgrade paths (some of them for months)...

It would be better to automate checks so that packages without dependencies dont get pushed out in the repositories. It might still be useful to build it and check on occasions.


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