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Re: Brasero dependencies

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Would it be possible to split the playsupport library from Totem? It doesnt seem right to require a particular video player for a CD burning application.

I am talking about when a user doesnt install Beagle and installs Brasero. Can it support tracker?

Not technically, there is no plugin concept or run-time dependency detection at this point, but I'll pass the message upstream.

Brasero is meant to be tightly integrated with Gnome, so what you see as a CD burning application requiring a video player, I see as a well-integrated Gnome application requiring core Gnome components (such as media player and search service) to function correctly. It just so happens that totem and beagle are the current Gnome defauls of said components (and installed by default as well), though of course that might change in the future with the maturation of the tracker project. I do agree things would be simpler if brasero were able to do run-time detection of these components, but I'm not even sure that's technically possible right now.

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