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Re: comps.xml is now pushed automatically

On 11/23/06, Christian Iseli <Christian Iseli licr org> wrote:
Hi folks,

Better late than never, I'd like to announce that the FE comps.xml.in
files are now pushed automatically along when there is a package
sign/push to the repo.

This is all thanks to Michael Schwendt's hard work, so let's have a
round of applause to thank him (and a beer or two if I ever meet
him in person :-) )

Now that this is done, we could discuss some ideas how to make the
comps.xml file even more useful.  For instance I'd like to see a few
more groups in there, to get a better classification...

More on this probably next week from me, but feel free to start a
discussion already.

I noticed that the Web Development category is currently empty, and I
have a lot of php-pear packages which could be categorized as "Web
Development".  Personally I think it would be great to have php, perl,
python, ruby, etc modules in comps but if people think these packages
do not belong in comps that is fine with me (less work for me to do).

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