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Re: Advanced dist tag uses.

Laurent Rineau schrieb:
> On Friday 24 November 2006 14:00, Michael Schwendt wrote:
>> It is assumed that the release tag consists of just a single integer and
>> that %{?dist} is appended to that.
>>> If the previous release tag of streamtuner had been "14.1%{?dist}", would
>>> it have been correct? (sorry if I failed to conjugate that sequence
>>> correctly.)
>> 14.1%{?dist} is invalid,

/me wonders if there is a more suitable word for this instead of
"invalid"... Well, does not matter much.

>> too, because "1" is higher than "fc". And due to
>> that, 14.1.fc5 would be higher than 14.fc6 and 14.fc7.
>> Now, if you tried to avoid that by building as 14.1.fcN for all N dists,
>> this would be unnecessary and error-prone inflation of release numbers.
>> Correct would be
>>   14%{?dist} < 15%{?dist} < 16%{?dist} < ...
>> and so on. If there's ever reason to fix something only in release 14.fc6,
>> without bumping release to 15, so that it would be "newer than" 14.fc7,
>> the release tag can be increased at the very _right_:
>>   14%{?dist}.1 < 14%{?dist}.2 < ...
>> resulting in
>>   14.fc6 < 14.fc6.1 < 14.fc6.2 < 14.fc7
> Nice explanation. Is this too complicated to be explained in the wiki?

I was just about to ask the same. Michael, could you add that please? tia!


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