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Re: packaging of gui app: should it require X + wm ?

Ralf Ertzinger wrote:

David Timms schrieb:

Just trying some minimal installs of the dev tree, succesfully booting
to text mode (ie no X nor wm). I did a yum install gkrellm. This
installed lm-sensors, but didn't force or warn that an X implmentation
or window manager should be installed.

Did it pull in (or did you have installed before) xorg-x11-libs?
This is (usually) enough to get remote X going, you do not necessarily
need a WM or X on the machine itself.

Thanks Ralf and Michael for the explanation. My minimal install did already have: libX11-1.0.3-4.fc6 installed. Is this the current name for what you are referring to ?

I found the following in the packaging guidelines-
http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Guidelines#Requires :

RPM has very good capabilities of automatically finding dependencies for libraries and eg. Perl modules. In short, don't reinvent the wheel, but just let rpm do its job. There is usually no need to explicitly list eg. Requires: XFree86 when the dependency has already been picked up by rpm in the form of depending on libraries in the XFree86 package.
This tells me what not to do. I can't find what I should do (other than to include/install a .desktop file http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Guidelines#desktop ) with requires when I'm a packaging a gui app.

For eg gkrellm includes: libSM-devel and not much else that would indicate X: http://cvs.fedora.redhat.com/viewcvs/rpms/gkrellm/devel/gkrellm.spec?root=extras&view=markup

Perhaps it is part of the {invisible} list of packages that I shouldn't require ? Also, I was unable to find the list of packages that are in the newer mock base build - any pointer to such a list ?

Thanks, DaveT.

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