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Re: sync between owners.list and bugzilla down?

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
Not sure if it's related to the recent CVS downtime, but it seems that
bugzilla isn't getting updated with new packages added to

clusterssh is the last one I see added to the owners.list that shows
up in bugzilla:

revision 1.1466
date: 2006/08/29 19:29:35

Thanks for pointing out this problem. Unfortunately the box that was doing this was turned off due to a misunderstanding of what the "beeps" of a UPS mean. (sigh...) I thought it would have been turned back on, but we were swamped with residual infrastructure issues elsewhere yesterday and didn't follow up on this.

I think Max is not in the office Friday. Greg, would you be able to power on the box somewhere in/on/under Greg's desk? (Maybe just remove the KVM and use a power strip if the UPS is still having trouble.)

Also, (likely related) I sponsored someone who is getting a
"Server returned an error: Insufficient privileges."
from plague, possibly because their ownership of packages hasn't
synced to the buildsys due to the owners.list sync not working?

Sync from owners.list to Bugzilla should not be effecting plague.

Or does it?

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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