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Re: Mock and squid

Paul Howarth wrote:

I think I've found the problem now. I switched to a different mirror and
it appears to be working now. If anyone would like to investigate
further, the mirror I had problems with was:


Heh, I hit this one too, a while ago. I e-mailed them about it and had a very quick and helpful response from Adam Sampson @ Kent University (I hope he won't mind me reproducing it here):

TJ> One thing I've just noticed though: your responses to HTTP requests
TJ> for at least some files return "Cache-control: no-store" in the
TJ> response,  [...] Is this intentional?

AS> Yes, I'm afraid; it's configured to do that for all RPM files. It's
AS> a workaround for a bug in yum -- if I recall correctly, it makes
AS> requests for byte ranges in files but gets confused if it gets a
AS> full (rather than partial) response from our frontend caches (or
AS> other caches further down the line, which is why we serve that
AS> header to users too).

AS> We're not especially fond of it ourselves, but we got a lot of
AS> complaints from Red Hat/Fedora users before it was in place! We
AS> reported the bug to the upstream maintainers, so hopefully we'll be
AS> able to get rid of the workaround in the future, once all the users
AS> of older versions of yum have upgraded...


Does anyone know any more about this? (e.g. yum bug #)

I would change the MockTricks page, but I don't have permissions.


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