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Re: python: mixing sitearch and sitelib (was: python noarch vs arch)

On Saturday 02 September 2006 18:38, Jesse Keating wrote:

> You need to decide how to read my use of "module" I suppose.  I said a
> 'python's module', eg something that you can do 'import foo' on in
> python.  A module can be many individual FILES.  Some compiled, some
> noncompiled.  I did NOT use them interchangeable for a "patchon package"
> whatever that may be.  And a 'single-file module' is still a python
> module, which is what I said.  You've taken the base assumption that
> when I said 'python's module' I meant a python rpm package and ran with
> it, which is an incorrect assumption.

This is the way I understood you, too. Nevertheless Sander asked whether he 
has to put all modules in his package in one directory or split the 
arch-dependend off. So your last sentence "So it'd all have to go in 
sitearch." (in your answer) without having in mind that your mail was not the 
direct answer to Sander's question may have caused some confusion.


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