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Re: Christian Iseli's %ghost pyo patrol

Axel Thimm schrieb:
> I didn't see any mention of it on the list - Christian automated the
> task of finding non-compliant pyo packaging and bugzilla'ing it. This
> is one of the most useful exercises I've seen being done though
> bugzilla. Thanks for you efforts, Christian!

Agreed, once again: Thanks Christian!

> Maybe other global tasks could be handled in a similar fashion like
> the needs.rebuild flag. Having all in bugzilla gives a more complete
> task list per packager.

Just my 2 cent, but I tend to disagree with this specific example.
Bugzilla is sometimes hard and painful to use and often slows the
workflow down (sometimes a lot, sometimes only slightly). So I think it
would be to painful to file > 1000 bugs for a mass rebuild. But filing X
Bugs by a script for those packages that didn't get rebuild after a
certain time-period would be a good idea IMHO.


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