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Re: Mass rebuild: Rebuild your packages for fc6

Roland Wolters wrote:
Once upon a time Kevin Fenzi wrote:
As of this mornings cvs checkout seed, there are still 976 extras
packages that need to be rebuilt for fc6. That puts things at around
56% done.

Well, at least for me that is because the file keeps coming back:
I deleted the file (rm needs.rebuild), edited the .spec file, made a commit (cvs commit -m "..."), and build the new packages (make tag & make build). However, it didn't work, when I make a cvs update the needs.rebuild package comes back:

$ cvs update
cvs update: warning: ktorrent/devel/needs.rebuild was lost
U ktorrent/devel/needs.rebuild

Please submit better description of how to handle this problem.
does not list more information as far as I see.

rm needs.rebuild
cvs remove needs.rebuild
cvs commit needs.rebuild


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